drYou stand a better chance of saving your lost data with our 90% data recovery rate

Cliff Business Solutions is Kenya’s premier data recovery company. Our state-of-the-art data recovery solutions, affordable rates and highly qualified technicians save our clients time and money every day, by returning critical data that would otherwise be lost forever.

Data recovery can be a complicated process. To ensure that we can properly restore your data only the most experienced and professional hard drive recovery technicians are involved in your job.

We are ready to provide a prompt solution, available to offer advice along the way as well as discuss any other solutions you might require such as repairs, virus removal and more.

Recovery of hard disks often means replacing failed or spoiled workings in a dirt free location by means of dedicated hardware and software utensils to produce the crude representation. Unsuccessful workings usually comprise electronics, read/write heads, head assemblies, magnets & drive motors.

We have devised a range of software tools which our technicians use to examine, repair & retrieve information from crude representations of all operating systems. Once recovery is successful, a file inventory is formed and data validity is verified.